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11 June 2012

I've been working away from home for a while, but am hoping to get all sorts of projects finished now I'm back. To start with, episode summaries for "Eye For An Eye", "The Return Of Amanda" and "Under Color Of Authority" added and linked to their respective Season pages.

30 January 2012

A bulk update to the Highlander pages, with episode summaries for "The Hunters", "The Watchers", "Studies In Light" and "The Darkness" added and linked to their respective Season pages.

28 December 2011

Well, it's been a long time coming folks, but I've finally put some music up on the web, three songs that have been part of my life for a lot longer than I care to think about. You can read about their various incarnations on my MySpace blog, but you can listen to them right here on my music page.

14 April 2010

Happy New Year, or something like that. After another long lay-off web-wise, I've added "The Lady & The Tiger" from Season 1 to the Highlander pages. I've not been idle, though - opened a page on MySpace for my music output, as they have streaming audio and all that good stuff, so please check out the couple of pieces I've put up so far - more on the way. I've spent a goodly chunk of time getting to grips with Cubase 5, which has come a long way since I was using Cubase 2.0 on an Atari 1020ST back in the 80s. Really feeling that I've got my head round it now, but pleanty of learning. Also been following the development of Blender 2.5 - I'd just about got comfy with the GUI for the Blender 2.4x series and they've changed it all, but for the better, I think.

29 November 2009

After a very long lay-off, I've added "Saving Grace" from Season 1 to the Highlander pages. Been busy doing other things, learning new software, so watch this space in 2010!

29 June 2009

And I'm keeping going by adding "For Tomorrow We Die" from Season 1 to the Highlander pages.

15 June 2009

The addition of "Duende" to the Highlander pages completes the retelling of the "Best Of Highlander" episodes.

7 June 2009

I've added "Revelation 6:8" to the Highlander pages, the second part of the double header that was "Comes A Horseman" - "Revelation 6:8". And a fitting 100th episode it was too.

20 May 2009

Having tried Nero and PowerDVD as a vehicle for vidcapping DVDs, I'm giving WinDVD a runout - you can see the result on the synopsis of "Comes A Horseman". I've just (been) upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, which seems to have upset some of the page layouts, so I'll be fixing that over the next few weeks - too many pictures and not enough text, methinks.

9 May 2009

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? Or something like that. Anyway, I've been otherwise engaged, firstly in the whole work thing, but also in renewing my trusty but ageing PC with an all new super Core2Duo box with Windows Vista - then running into all the issues around reinstalling fave software, getting XP stuff to work on Vista, that kind of thing. Anyway, job's a good 'un and I'm back in the swing of things, hence "The End Of Innocence" is now added to the Highlander pages.

23 November 2008

After a short period unemployed, I'm now working for myself as an Environmental Health & Housing Consultant. I've been busy setting that up, hence the delay in adding "Till Death" to the Highlander pages.

1 September 2008

Another distraction - need to spend some time looking for a new job, but in the meantime, "Methuselah's Gift" has been added to the Highlander pages.

15 June 2008

After a long lay-off, (been too busy sorting out the new kitchen at Edmonds Towers to have much time for anything else), a new page on how to convert vinyl LPs to CDs gets added, finally putting some meaningful content on the Music page.

18 March 2008

"Homeland", "Something Wicked" and "Deliverance" have been added to the Highlander episode pages.

9 February 2008

As "Methos", joins the burgeoning colection of Highlander episode pages, those interested in such things may begin to see where the selection for these "Best Of..." is drawn.

3 February 2008

And, "The Samurai", gets added to the Highlander pages.

28 January 2008

I've added the next episode of Highlander: The Series, "Legacy", to the Highlander pages.

16 January 2008

I've added the next episode of Highlander: The Series, "Band Of Brothers", to the Highlander pages.

10 January 2008

I've added the first episode of Highlander: The Series, "The Gathering", to the Highlander pages, the first of a run at the best episodes, before filling in the gaps.

1 January 2008

Another irregular project begins - I have refreshed the Highlander - The Movie page with vidcaps taken from the DVD, rather than from videotape. Previously, the site featured retellings of the various episodes and I intend to reinstate these, from time to time, using vidcaps taken from the DVDs rather than taped off the TV. Better quality results in less time - and no irritating broadcaster's logo in the top corner to remove. What more could I ask for?

19 July 2007

The issue of the CART 2002 carset for Grand Prix 3 is now resolved, with the carset now split into three files of a more manageable size. Now that I know the filesize limit, work begins on packaging the CART 2003 carset, which will complete the upload of all my published Champ Car and IndyCar mods for Grand Prix 3 onto grandprixgames.org.

15 July 2007

The process of uploading files continues - the files on my CART 2001 and CART 2002 pages for Grand Prix 3 are now uploaded, although there is an emerging issues with file sizes that can be accomodated on grandprixgames.org, which means I may have to revisit the way I've split the original files, (some of which are huge).

20 June 2007

Hello and welcome to my not-so-new but redesigned and refreshed website. It is my intention to recreate all the original content of this site and even restore some of what has disappeared as things changed and evolved. So, I still invite you to explore what there is on offer, weary traveller. This site used to offer other diversions, but with the demise of the band Freeway, it was given over to the television series Highlander and add-ons for Geoff Crammond's outstanding Grand Prix simulation, Grand Prix 3. I've added some placeholder pages with not much content, but if you do find any broken links, please do let me know.